OnCharge Animations App

OnCharge Animations App

OnCharge Animations App

Do you like? Look at the beautiful themes/animations while charging your phone.

OnCharge Animations is an amazing app that displays fancy animations whenever your battery is charging.

– Save Power, extend your battery life and charge faster with simple animations

– Monitor your battery charge level with a simple display

– Double tap to dismiss or simply pull out the battery charger

– Colorful, funny and beautiful phone animations. Multiple custom animations are available.

OnCharge Animations App

– Get a Full Battery Alert (sound notification as soon as the battery is full to prevent overcharging and prevent battery damage)

– Full support for all screen resolutions

 The app now has a Full Battery Alert notification
– Download extra themes/animations from the app
– The app is now less than 5MB in size
– Easily disable and re-enable animations
– More reliable play of animations after starting the app for the first time
– Share your themes for upload
– Prioritized display of downloaded animations

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