Protect Facebook profile pictures from being stolen

How to Protect Facebook profile pictures from being stolen

You are not alone on Facebook, millions of people like you are constantly using Facebook. you can Protect Facebook profile pictures from being stolen?

All these billions of people are good, it is foolish to think like this. Many people disguise themselves on Facebook.

These disguised people steal your Facebook profile picture and open a fake Facebook account with it.

Later, with these fake accounts, they try to blackmail your acquaintances in various ways. In addition,

many people do various ugly and obscene things with your pictures. So keep the picture guard on your profile.

Facebook Profile Picture Guard

If you keep the photos in the photo album of Facebook as Only Me,
then only your friends will be able to see your photos. However, the problem is,

even if you put Only Me in the profile picture, everyone can see and download it.

Ways to stop Facebook profile picture theft

Facebook always comes up with new ideas to attract users to Facebook and improve their security. Last year, as always,

Facebook introduced specially featured Facebook frames and profile picture guard options to prevent profile picture theft.

Using this feature of Facebook will add a new frame to your photo so that no one will have the option to download high-quality photos with screenshots.

Here are some more benefits:

Nobody can’t download or share your Facebook profile picture.
People who are not your friends will not be able to tag your profile picture.
A blue border will be added to all Fcaebook profile picture.

There has been a lot of talks, now let us know how to turn on or off the profile picture guard.

The way to turn on the Android phone.

The following method is only available in the Facebook app, you will not find it in the web version of Facebook.
To apply the following rule only to the Facebook app.

First you launch the Facebook app.

Open your Facebook profile and click the Edit button on your profile picture.

Open your Facebook profile and click the Edit button on your profile picture.

Then see Turn on profile picture guard.
Click here.
Then you need to complete the task by clicking Next and Save button.

After successfully completing the task you will see a blue boundary wall on your profile. You’re done.

The way to turn on the computer or through the web site

You can turn on the profile picture guard by going to the Facebook website from any browser.

Log in to Facebook from your desktop browser and go to your profile.

Click on your profile picture.

Click on Option at the bottom right of the image.

Then you will get the text Turn on profile picture guard, click there.

If you successfully complete the above tasks, you will see a blue wall in your profile picture.

Once this option is turned on, your friends or even your relatives will not be able to download your profile picture.

As long as you have this guard on your Facebook profile, the public will be able to see your profile picture but not download it.

Although this feature of Facebook gives some security to your profile photo,
many claims that it puts pressure on users to upload real photos through Facebook and its main target is South Asia.

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