Earn $500 per month from YouTube

How to Earn $500 Per Month from YouTube Sri Lanka

One of the topics I will discuss today is how to Earn $500 more per month from YouTube Sri lanka and Google Adsense. how to start a you tube channel for beginners.

Many of us know that there are many ways to earn money from the internet but which of the following is the easiest ?

If you have a little knowledge about online income, you can answer.

YouTube (our main goal is to make this easy source of income easier)

But how to make money from YouTube ? Today I am not saying much about it because if you search on Google or YouTube you will find hundreds of thousands of tutorials like learning.

Finally realized that the income from YouTube can be earned by associating the YouTube channel with Google Adsense.

But you have to upload to YouTube, genuine videos cannot be copyrighted! But we can’t all continue to make videos on our own.

How to Earn $500 Per Month from YouTube Sri lanka.

After that, increasing the viewers in the video is certainly not an easy task. Many are making and uploading videos day after day and night after night.
Some are succeeding and some are not able to bear it.

Someone is getting frustrated with the channel suspension due to copyright and stopping as it happened to me.

The way I tell you to work is click exchange!

Advantages of:

➡ If you work in this way, you don’t have to work so hard, you will earn from the first day.

➡ There is no fear of being suspended due to channel copyright.

➡ You don’t have to bother to make the video popular.

➡ Since I will work with Google, there is no question of not getting paid.

What is Click Exchange?

There will be a group of 20-25 members where everyone will upload something as per their mind and everyone will watch everyone’s video. That means we are our visitors.

However, we will do the job in a very secure way. Normally where 1-3 cents per click is available in our case it would be at least 40 cents even my best rate was $2.75!

Let’s do a little calculation!

Do you think there are 20 people in a group? If you give 3 clicks per person, you will get total clicks from 20 people.
$720 If Google retains 32% of its revenue and deducts 18% for suspicious clicks,
it deducts 50%. But how much is there ? 360$ 180 rupees per dollar 67,758 rupees.

Where do I get so many members?

Join us Many people in our group are already earning this way.
I will give my Facebook ID at the end of the post.

If anyone is interested in the work, give me a message and add it to our secret group.

What does it take to work?
A laptop or desktop. (Not with mobile)

A premium VPN.

➡ 1-2 GB internet per day (Broadband is better! Otherwise you can use GP Night Pack)

➡ The mindset of working patiently for 2-3 hours every day.

➡ Must work with faith must have faith in each other.

What else does it take ?? If you don’t need anything more than that, we will give it.

Where can I get premium VPN?

As I said before, please don’t worry about using a cracked VPN or a free VPN.

We currently use private internet access and will use Pure VPN from next month.

You will not find cracked versions of these on the internet if you search as you wish. You will have to buy these.

Good if you can buy or collect from us.

VPN Fee: Rs.

If you are worried about the price of VPN, you can check the price from their website Free VPN

Advantages of working with us:

➡ You can earn 150 $ -1000 $> per month.

➡ Get friendly support from us to solve any problem.

➡ We will take the responsibility of verifying your Google AdSense PIN only if you want. (If you don’t know about PIN, you can search on Google.

➡ There will be opportunities for many people to work together. You can also take group chat to solve each other’s problems.

➡ Those who do not understand very much will be explained everything by hand and pen.

➡ Many people are hearing that it is very difficult to get approved in Google Adsense. For them, if you apply from YouTube channel,
anyone can get approved in 7 hours.

How do I get the money?

Google gives money to Bangladesh in two ways



If someone wants to withdraw money through check, if he gives his address, Google will send the check to that address. You can withdraw money by withdrawing that check.

However, the two biggest disadvantages of a check are that it takes a long time for the check to arrive, at least 3 weeks and a maximum of 3 months! Excluding brother, we will not raise money in this way.

Bank Yes, we will withdraw money through the bank. If you have $100 or more in your account, Google will send it to the bank account added to your AdSense ID which will be transferred to your bank account within 2-15 days,
usually it does not take more than 4 days. Then you can withdraw money from the bank as usual.

What if I don’t have a bank account?

It is not a problem you can withdraw money using anyone’s bank account.


➡ You must have a premium VPN to be able to add to the secret group with proof.

If you do not have a premium VPN, you must pay for the VPN as a prerequisite for being added to the Secret Group.

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