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Spy Camera OS3

We all like to secretly record video any public places. There are too many apps in Google Play store but don’t work.

Today I sew you a super SPY CAMERA OS3 app. We can record video without anyone knowing it.

Small and simple application, easy to understand

Spy Camera OS 3 Features

  • All image resolution option
  • Burst shot
  • Auto shot with delay setting
  • Face detection auto shot
  • Black screen (touch to capture)
  • Hide/custom* folder
  • Video Recording (Experimental)
  • Save to internal/external storage*
  • Widget for faster capture & more secure shortcut naming
  • Auto email sending
  • 4K video recording
  • Custom filename format
  • Integration with 3rd party app like Tasker & Automate
  • 10 Language contributors support

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Screen Hider Quickly Hide Phone Screen
Screen Hider Quickly Hide Phone Screen

Screen Hidder

Today is another great app .. When we work somewhere in the office or at home, we put the phone on the table and we work.

Now this app Hiding screen is no more a worry.add disguise cover and make a private screen.

Screen hider provides you option to hide screen with black screen or an image from galley.

Apply the foremost privacy filter for your cellphone screen.

👁Quickly hide screen from other
👁choose screen type black or with an image
👁completely hide screen in a moment
👁unblock screen with desired action

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