Terminal Launcher -- Aris Hacker Theme

Best Android Hack Apps (Part 08)

01. Terminal Launcher — Aris Hacker Theme

Guys this great wonder if you can use your phone like a pro hacker? Now can use with Aris themes, you can search your app/contacts instantly and do a lot of things just like a real hacker.

Instant Search
Powerful Shell
Instant Run

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02. Protect Me – Accounts and Mobile Security

guys do you think your online accounts will never be stolen? Do you think the information stored on your device is safe and secure?

No, you were wrong. Information and account online thefts are increasing day by day are becoming increasingly sophisticated and dangerous

Avoiding the Risks of Automatic Wi-Fi Connections
Detect risk from all applications
Defend yourself from any hackers

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03. Smart Video Recorder – FREE

Now you can free use Smart Video/Audio/Pictures Recorder.
Start OR Stop Recording even when your phone is LOCKED.

Smart Media Recorder Video Features:
Smart Camera Pictures Features:
Smart Audio Recorder Features:

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04. Contacts to pdf, vcf, text App

Guys one click you can get all contacts Phone no.

saving contacts to pdf file
saving contacts to vcf file
saving contacts to text file

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05. Flash Keylogger App

Great App safeguard your children or monitor family members activities browsing on internet.

⭐ Custom Keyboard
⭐ Keylogger
⭐ Neat UI
⭐ Hide app
⭐ Easy to use
⭐ No root access required

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