Gymnos Smart Vault Auto Hide Nude Photos & Videos

Best 02 Android Apps

01. Gymnos Smart Vault: Auto Hide Nude Photos & Videos

Guy Gymnos (a.k.a Nude) is a smart and secure vault app which will help you to hide nsfw or delicate photos and videos in your phone with almost no efforts.

Top Features
★ SMART : ‘Gymnos’ automatically detects any sensitive or nsfw media on your phone.
★ SAFE : ‘Gymnos’ does not back up data any data to a server / cloud. Your data never leaves your phone.
★ SECURE : ‘Gymnos’ can be opened only with your fingerprint or PIN.
★ EASY TO USE : ‘Gymnos’ comes with a minimalistic yet elegant user interface for easy navigation.
★ BUSY? : Schedule ‘Gymnos’ to run automatically at a later point in time, say when the phone is idle.

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02. Image Downloader All – Search

All Image Downloader is Powerful image grabber software that can help you download all the pictures from website.

Top Features

Search for images with image search service
• Support association batch download picture
• image grabber: Search and bulk batch download for all images with website,Scan depth multilayer
• Web browser URL to share button to open All Image Downloader start download task
• Support input URL
• Support input image keyword
• Support Parse menu to quickly input
Config task start
• Config image file size min limit
• Config image pixel min height width
• Config Web Images scanning depth
• Config image safe search
• Config regional domain
• Config task download max connections

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